Diablo II 1.14b


Diablo, Lord of Terror, has fallen at the hands of a fearless hero in the dungeons tristramskoy church. However, the hero of today do not know: he became a Dark Wanderer who roams the world of Sanctuary, sowing death and destruction in its path. You – the last hope of humanity. That you should come together in a battle with the minions of Diablo’s brothers and stop the Dark Wanderer before he would be able to bring their infernal plans into execution.

✮ Learn basic play five major classes

Join the fight with the devil incarnate, by selecting one of the characters: the Amazon, the sorceress, Necromancer, Paladin, or Barbarian. Each of them has unique skills and abilities.

✮ Explore four huge play areas

Overcome intricate underground labyrinths, vast fields and thick forests. Discover the boundless world of Sanctuary.

✮ destroy enemies
Learn new spells, find powerful new weapons and armor. Improve them with magic as the toga, as your character becomes stronger, and his fame spread throughout the world.

✮ Complete the game on different difficulty levels

Supplement Lord of Destruction, is a continuation of the story line and the second part tells us about the last of the three brothers – Baal, who captured the soul stone, is sent to the home of barbarians, to the mountains, where there is another secret artifact – Stone World. With it, he wants to call the army of hell and destroy the whole world, that we can not tolerate.

ver. 1.14b. in the distribution of the two versions – American (enUS) and British (enGB).


– Mount the image of the selected version
– Copy the Install folder to your hard drive
– Run the original installer
– Enter the appropriate key from the archive Keys.zip
– Ons run the installer, enter the key.
– play

Extras. Info: for games on battle.net still need a valid key acquired game.


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